The SpongeBob x Timberland collection make showing our childish side cool again

First we have the Nike x SpongeBob collection, now we’re getting a wider release of the Timberland-take on the iconic cartoon.There’s been a fair bit of SpongeBob to take in lately, though this makes sense as it is the year the cartoon turns 20.Recently we had the Nike x SpongeBob drop which saw five of the most colourful Nike sneakers to ever grace our eyes. Not only were they colourful, they were packed with faithful details to the original cartoon. Timberland is following this trend.

The SpongeBox x Timberland collection brings us two pairs of Timberland’s go-to 6 inch boots, with both boots packed full of spongey goodness.The first pair is a bright blue take on the iconic boots, with a nice deep teal colour on the sole and lower part of the boots, and a lighter teal on the upper portion and tongue. The boots depict SpongeBob Squarepants himself lurking out the bottom of the sneakers, net in hand ready to catch some jellyfish.

For those that don’t know, this is a classic scene throughout the cartoon, SpongeBob with his glasses on, ready to catch some jellyfish. Not only has this but the boots also boast an embossed silhouette of SpongeBob on the tongue and a giant jar of jelly replacing the usual Timberland keychain attached to the shoe.If you’re looking for an extra splash of colour on these already vivid boots, there’s an option to swap out the matching blue laces for a pair of bright pinks ones as to match the laces.

The second pair of boots are a black pair with pops of yellow throughout. They sport a Krabby Patty motif over the usual Timberland logo and have an excitable Plankton chasing after the elusive burger. The shoes also SpongeBob’s face acting as the shoe’s tongue and have yellow lacing following down.The boots complete their celebration to the cartoon with removable rubber SpongeBob keychains across the top, as well as the Sponge’s iconic outfit sitting at the bottom of the laces. There’s no word on pricing for the boots yet, however they are set to release on September 12 on Footlocker.

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